Happy Birthday to us!! Can you believe that Market Master is 25 years old!!!! Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

Welcome To Your Grain Watchdog!

Grain brokerage is our business! Market Master is based in Alberta, networking over 2,000 farmers with hundreds of buyers across 3 provinces. Here is how it works! Tell us your marketing needs and we do the leg work for you. One phone call connects you to hundreds of buyers at once for all different types of grains at all levels of grade. Is local the best vs 300 miles away? Let us check that out.

We contact the buyers getting the best pricing available, negotiate freight and once we have a price we contact you back with all of your options. If a price is agreed upon we donít stop there, we monitor the logistics and if there are any issues or problems we manage solutions. We make sure our producers are happy! Do you just have questions on the markets? Where here for that too. Best of all there is no fee for calling for advice or price checking. The only time you have to pay for our service is on grain that is booked and hauled. Brokerage fees are only charged on grain after dockage. We do offer a weekly newsletter for $131.25/per year, this is in addition to being able to call without membership fees.

Grains we handle include: feed or malt barley, wheat, oats, rye, flax, canola, peas, faba beans and triticale. Basically, you name it we will try to help you find a home for it. Going from top quality grading grains to mixed and heated grain. From current pricing to forward contracting. For a brokerage fee charged only on grain that is booked.

COVID - 19 Policy
Thank you for working with us during this challenging time. As we mentioned before, we have made the decision to work off site and our staff will be working from their homes. If we miss your call, please take the time to leave a voice mail, text or e- mail. If you have samples to submit we ask that you send them via courier and this will be the only time we ask you to not visit us. Stay safe and healthy!

Susanne: 780-953-8950 - susanne.jackson@shaw.ca

Samantha: 587-708-1412 - marketmastersales@shaw.ca

Our Address

Our office is located just south of the Ellerslie Curling Club!
1159 74 Street SW
Edmonton AB

Come by for a visit!

This is a current sampling of producer grain for sale. This list is updated three times per week. Please note, the list is large and (depending upon your internet speed) may take some time to load onto your computer. To purchase grain, call 1-800-440-8390 or send an email

Grain Location Bushels Weight Updated
Barley 2 row feed Bashaw 11000   06/11/2020
Barley 2 row feed Beaumont 15000   07/03/2020
barley feed NEW CROP Camrose 2000   07/10/2020
Barley 2 row feed Coronation 2021 50 07/08/2020
Barley 2 row feed Innisfree 14000 54 06/30/2020
Barley 2 row feed Innisfree 4000   07/27/2020
Barley 2 row feed Innisfree 50000   06/26/2020
Barley 2 row feed Multiple 22000   06/18/2020
Barley 2 row feed Provost 4000   07/24/2020
Barley 2 row feed Rowley 6000   06/08/2020
Barley 2 row feed Thorsby 20000   06/24/2020
Barley 2 row feed Wainwright 15000   06/26/2020
barley 2 row feed (organic) Westlock 300   08/07/2020
canola heated Blackfoot 800   07/24/2020
canola heated Boyle 1940   06/25/2020
canola Consort 40000   07/10/2020
canola Spring Threshed Grassland 45000   07/10/2020
canola Spring Threshed Nampa 2000   06/09/2020
Chickpeas Foremost 1600   06/26/2020
faba beans feed Bloomsbury 4800   07/10/2020
faba beans human consumption Macklin 25000   07/10/2020
faba beans New Norway 4200   06/17/2020
faba beans Ohaton 3600   07/17/2020
lentils red #2 CW Edam 10000   07/10/2020
oats feed Spring Threshed   5000   06/25/2020
oats #1 CW Bashaw 10000 49 06/03/2020
oats feed Spring Threshed Boyle 10000   06/25/2020
oats feed Spring Threshed Bruce 5000   06/12/2020
oats #1 CW La Crete 5700   06/24/2020
oats #3 CW Newbrook 6000   06/02/2020
oats #2 CW Rochester 2853   06/30/2020
peas yellow edible Fairview 5000   08/06/2020
peas yellow edible Organic Leduc 3000   06/02/2020
peas yellow edible Organic Prespatou 1200   06/12/2020
peas yellow edible Stony Plain 10000   06/11/2020
peas yellow edible Tangent 30000   06/11/2020
rye Marshall 12000   06/26/2020
rye Ponoka 3200   06/05/2020
rye Provost 6000   06/29/2020
Soybeans #1 Ohaton 1000   08/05/2020
wheat CPSR Spring Threshed   5000   06/25/2020
wheat CWRS Altario 16000 60 07/07/2020
wheat CWRS Amisk 6000   06/11/2020
wheat CWRS feed Barrhead 10000   07/03/2020
wheat CPSR Boyle 5000 58 06/26/2020
wheat feed Consort 14000   07/10/2020
wheat CWSWS Consort 25000   07/10/2020
wheat CPSR Edam 15000   07/10/2020
wheat CWRS Falher 19000 58 07/10/2020
wheat CWRS Ferintosh 13000   07/21/2020
wheat CPSR Goodridge 6500 53 06/29/2020
wheat CWRS Spring Threshed Grassland 35000   07/10/2020
wheat CWRS Halkirk 16000   07/17/2020
wheat feed Heisler 3600   07/15/2020
wheat CWRS Innisfree 50000   07/10/2020
wheat CWRS Innisfree 50000   07/10/2020
wheat CWRS Organic Leduc 6000   06/02/2020
wheat CWRS Oyen 18000   07/22/2020
wheat CWRS Provost 36000   07/10/2020
wheat CWRS Rivercourse 27750   07/02/2020
wheat CPSR Sedalia 7000   07/10/2020
wheat CWRS Sherwood Park 12500   07/22/2020
wheat CWRS St. Albert 30000 58 07/10/2020
wheat CWRS Wainwright 30000   06/26/2020
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