About Us
Since 1995, Market Master has provided grain brokerage and consulting to farmers and buyers throughout western Canada. We value the reputation given to us by our customers. Our business is based upon good service, honesty, and integrity.

Market Master was conceived by John Stewart and then Shelley Wetmore took ownership a few years later to make Market Master what we have come to know today. In July of 2017 Market Master was purchased by Susanne Leclerc keeping the same principals and beliefs.

Farmer of the Year!
Every year, Market Master picks one producer who's shown the most improvement with their grain marketing knowledge ... not the biggest farmer, nor the one who's done the most business with us. It's the producer we feel who has learned the most about: basis levels & contracts, forward pricing, cost of production, target setting, and more.

Your Grain Watchdogs
Shelley Danis, also affectionately known as “Shelley D” started with Market Master in 2007. She moved to Edmonton from Ontario with her husband Ray, and family. She is a proud Grandmother of three, a grandson and two granddaughters. Shelley’s responsible for all grain logistics and many administrative functions. Her favourite hobby of late has been knitting blankets for the youngest Danis family members.

Susanne Leclerc, joined Market Master in 2012. In her past career as a food scientist, she developed flavours for food you’ve probably eaten or purchased from local grocery stores. Coincidentally, she has two “sausage” dogs, Greg and Joe. Susanne took ownership in July of 2017, and keeps Market Master operating under the same values as the past.

John Stewart, conceived Market Master in 1995. He was a grain producer himself and brings a different perspective to grain marketing and technical analysis. Since John had to apply this to his own farm, producers can be confident in John’s recommendations and marketing suggestions. Since his retirement John enjoys golfing and vacationing with the love of his life, Penny.

Samantha Metcalfe, new to the grain trading marketing world and joined Market Master in 2017. She grew up in the city but her grandparents have a helped to get this city kid out to the farm. She has chased cows and experienced the farming life.

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